Over the last decade I have taught a variety of courses, from large lectures, year-long interdisciplinary survey courses, to small, topical seminars. For course evaluations for any of the classes listed below, please contact me.

A statement of my teaching philosophy and general overview of my teaching experience may be found here.

Courses Taught:

Bard Prison Initiative:

"PS: Continental Political Thought" (Spring, 2018)

Bard College:

"PS 238: Tragedy and Political Theory" (Fall 2017)


"PS 119: Tragedy, Comedy, Politics," Lecture (Winter 2017).

"PS 111A: Ancient and Medieval Political Thought in the West," Lecture (Fall 2016).

"Exceptional Politics! Heroism and Western Political Thought," Seminar (Spring, 2015).

"Politics on the Stage: Tragedy and Politics in Western Thought," Seminar (Spring, 2014).

"Heroism and the Politics of the Extraordinary," Seminar (Spring, 2013).

Teaching Fellow, UCLAGeneral Education Freshman Cluster Program, 2012-2015 

"GE CLSTR 21 A,B,CW: History of Modern Thought." A year long interdisciplinary course for freshmen at UCLA covering literary, scientific, philosophical and political texts from the 13th through the start of the 20th Century. (Fall and Winter, 2012-2015) 

The website for the "History of Modern Thought" cluster may be found here.

Teaching Assistant, Department of Political ScienceUCLA, 2009-2012 

“Contemporary Political Theory” with Joshua Foa Dienstag (Winter 2011)

“Continental Political Thought” with Joshua Foa Dienstag (Fall 2010)

“Introduction to Political Theory” with Joshua Foa Dienstag (Spring 2010; Fall, 2011)

“Introduction to Political Theory” with Giulia Sissa (Winter, 2010; Spring, 2011) 

“Introduction to American Politics” with Tom Schwartz (Fall, 2009)